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Sierra College Partners Putting Solar Power into Students Hands

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Last week, Sierra College announced a unique partnership with area businesses & organizations to help hoist students into the future.

Steve Geiger, Instructor with the Construction & Energy Department at Sierra College and Laura Rasmussen of Energy 2001 joined Sarah McCormick in-studio today to discuss the partnership, which is the first of it’s kind nationwide.

Energy 2001, the Western Placer Waste Management Authority and Sierra College will provide students the opportunity to plan, construct and install a 9KW commercial solar array at the Western Regional Sanitary Landfill in Lincoln this fall.

Energy 2001 operates a 5 mega-watt power plant at the landfill.  The facility is Placer County’s leading green energy producer and has a process to capture methane gases and convert them to electricity.  It is part of an eighteen year partnership with the western Placer Waste Management Authority.

Sierra College students will have the opportunity to switch on their solar array in December.  Geiger says there will be a ribbon cutting at the end of the semester as students finish the project.

Rasmussen & Geiger talked about the increasing demand for solar technology, and hopes this project won’t be the last one of it’s kind.  Rasmussen says the years it took to get this partnership in place were worth it, citing help from county supervisors and municipal leaders in helping to pave the way for the program.

Geiger says Sierra College’s Energy Degree is one of a kind at the school, and that more new programs are available, including Solar Sales, as fall registration continues.

Geiger says students rates of graduation and job availability are outstanding, citing that 100 percent of women in the program have been successful.

For more information go to:  http://www.sierracollege.edu/academics/divisions/business-tech/construction-energy-tech.php




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