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Loomis & Meadow Vista Libraries’ Fates To Be Decided Today

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Today, December 8, 2015, 11:00 am, the Placer County Board of Supervisors will decide whether or not to close down the Loomis and Meadow Vista Libraries.

The Board will be asked to shut the libraries, beginning at the end of this year.  Director of Library Services Mary George said “The closure of the Meadow Vista and Loomis Libraries will allow the county to stabilize the Placer County Library system for generations to come,” according to the Auburn Journal.

Supervisors will make the call at about 11am today, at the 3091 County Center Drive in North Auburn.


October 22, 2015:  Preserving a “hub of the community” is the focus of the Friends of the Loomis Library, an organization with a long history. President of the organization, Linda Sandahl, joined Sarah McCormick on the air today on KAHI, with the latest news on the life of the town’s library.

Gus Thompson with the Auburn Journal wrote on May 21, 2015 “According to a statement from the county, the plans would allow the library to continue making progress in implementing its strategic plan seeking to modernize operations, reverse erosion in services and build capacity for the future. The funding comes after Library Services Director Mary George announced early this year the potential closures of both Loomis and Meadow Vista branches.”

At the time, the library got a reprieve, but still faces closure without further financial support. Sandahl said that since mid-summer, the group has worked with Placer County, the townspeople of Loomis and Loomis Chamber of Commerce to work on a solution.

Because of that funding situation with the library, Sandalh says the organization has grown over the past year from 25 to 600 members.

The non-profit, Friends of the Loomis Library meets once a month, each 4th Thursday at 10am.  The group helps the library with community outreach, and developing funding sources.

This weekend, the organization is hosting a book sale to benefit the Loomis Library. Friday, the sale opens at 10am until 5pm, and on Saturday, from 10am until 4pm.  Saturday evening, Sandahl says there will be a potluck to celebrate the sale and to reflect on the ongoing struggle and potential solutions.

Sandahl says the Friends are very busy with the ad hoc town committee, which the mayor opened last spring.

There will also be a special meeting planned at the Loomis Depot on October, 29 at 6pm and everyone is welcome to attend and support, as the ad hoc committee presents their plans.

Sandahl says the Friends of the Loomis Library will present their outlook for sustainability to the Placer County Board of Supervisors during their November 17th meeting.

She emphasized that it is important to keep local libraries open. The Loomis Library has “been a hub for so many years for families,” Sandahl said, and continued illustrating that education, small business resources, and computer & technology tools at the library are important resources for the entire community.

There is a media center, a reading area, and children’s story time every Friday at 10:30am put on by the librarian.  There are just some of the resources the library offers now and that the Friends of the Loomis Library would like to see continue.

“It’s just something that’s been there since 1910 in our town, this library since 1980,” she said.

She remarked on the meeting spaces that can host organizations, saying there are memorial services and more, “it’s not just books.” There are innovative programs for all ages.

Hours are limited but you can find them on the website along with upcoming events, which include:

October 23rd and 24th, 2015:  Book Sale at the library, Friday 10am to 5pm and Saturday 10am to 4pm.

December 4-5, 2015:  The 41st Annual Craft Fair at Memorial Hall in Loomis, in front of the Loomis Library.

November 21, 2015:  Children’s Program – Intel-a-bricks: A Lego Robotic workshop

More information will be made available as the dates get closer.

Sandahl said that there will be a special meeting on October 29th at 6pm at the Loomis Train Depot, as the ad hoc committee presents plans for sustainability.  The entire community is invited to attend.

Today on the Friends of the Loomis Library Facebook page:

You can help determine the fate of the Loomis Library. The Loomis Town Council has called a special meeting Oct 29, 6pm, at the Train Depot to hear the recommendations of the ad hoc committee. Unless an alternate plan is approved, the Loomis library will be closed on Dec 31st.

What YOU can do: contact the Loomis town council (phone, email, or write) and let them know why the Loomis library is important and why it should remain open to the community. Please attend the Special Meeting next Thursday. 916-652-1840 townhall@loomis.ca.gov 3665 Taylor Rod



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