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Lower Flood Insurance Premiums On The Way For Placer County Residents

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Some Placer residents can look forward to lower flood insurance premiums now that the Federal Emergency Management Agency has issued new draft flood maps for the region. But in a number of areas, including some mapped for the first time ever, flood risk has increased and may change flood insurance requirements and costs for some property owners.

The new maps are considered preliminary and should go into effect once they’re made final in about a year, after a public review and appeal period.

The maps cover the entire county, including cities as well as Placer’s unincorporated areas. Over time, water flow and drainage patterns change, so the new maps more accurately reflect the flood risk in Placer County. An estimated 619 parcels are no longer shown in high-risk flood zones on the new maps and 712 estimated parcels have been added to high-risk flood zones.

The number of affected parcels is approximate, as it reflects a comparison of the current flood insurance rate maps, which are paper maps, and the new draft digital flood insurance rate maps. Residents whose properties are affected by map changes will be notified by mail in the coming weeks.

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