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Former Wells Fargo Parking Lot Demolition Begins

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Demolition began today at the former Wells Fargo Bank parking lot in downtown Auburn.

Wells Fargo closed it’s doors at the end of Summer this year, however, they left one of the two ATM’s behind to allow for more convenience for it’s downtown customers. The drive-up ATM was removed when the bank closed in the beginning of September, but the protective structure surrounding that ATM was left in tact. That is, until now, as crews are removing the over hang that sits directly in the middle of the parking lot in order to make room for more cars.

Wells Fargo customer Daniel Locke spoke to KAHI about the ATM left behind.

“With no ATM in the parking lot, it makes sense to remove everything since it’s taking up about 6 more potential parking stalls,” said Locke. “I’ve been using the ATM’s here for years and thought it was cool they left one for their customers.”

The empty two story building sitting at 949 Lincoln Way was originally a Placer Savings. Later it would become Placer Sierra, which it remained for 60 years until Wells Fargo moved in at the end of 2007.

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