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Meddlers Report: 1/24/2017

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At today’s Meddlers meeting Auburn Mayor Matt Spokely began things with the announcement of the city hiring Robert Richardson as the new City Manager.

Richardson is also the old City Manager as he held the job for 11 years beginning in 2003 and ending when he decided to forego the final years of his contract with the city and accept the same position just up Highway 49 in Grass Valley.

Some questioned the move at that time wondering why the successful City Manager was leaving his hometown for a town that seemingly had more problems than the job he was leaving behind.

Spokely seemed very focused this morning on alleviating any of these concerns by repeating a few quotes that Richardson had told him and the rest of the Auburn City Council during the hiring process.

“He (Richardson) is ready to do battle for us in Auburn and he just didn’t feel that during his time in Grass Valley,” Spokely said. “His heart is here.”

Councilmember Cheryl Maki added, “Bob expressed that he felt Auburn would take care of his family if anything ever happened to him and I thought that was worth mentioning.”

The question was asked of the mayor why Richardson made the decision to leave for Grass Valley in 2014. Spokely answered that he addressed this with Richardson and ultimately he just got bored.

“Bob felt that he saw the city through the recession in 2008 and wanted a new challenge of helping a city not doing well,” Spokely said.

The mayor went on to say that Grass Valley was on the verge of bankruptcy when Richardson arrived and that now it is in a much better position.

Next was the counties turn which once again was represented by Jennifer Montgomery. She focused her comments around the heavy snow fall in her district.

She spoke about two guys that got stuck in their car do to an avalanche that surrounded them. Montgomery expressed how lucky the two gentlemen were that they were in an area that had good cell service and that their first call was to the fire department which had them out in about 1 hour.

The Meddlers is an open forum meeting sponsored by the Auburn Chamber of Commerce every Tuesday morning at 7am in the Rose Room of the Auburn City Hall.

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