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Concerned Neighbors Of Homewood Man Have Worst Fears Confirmed

Todd Borchardt’s neighbors in Homewood told deputies they were growing concerned about their neighbor who had not been seen in days and had recently been acting strangely.

It turns out Borchardt’s neighbors had very good reason to feel the way they did as the Borchardt’s body was discovered under a layer of snow near his own driveway on Tuesday.

Deputies were first dispatched to a local market in Tahoma around 11a.m. to check out a suspicious abandoned vehicle. A license plate check revealed that the vehicle belonged to Borchardt which was what brought the search to the residence at on Emerald Circle where they would eventually uncover the body.

The North Tahoe Fire Department was called to assist with the search for Borchardt.

His body was discovered only minutes into the joint search effort.

At this time authorities do not suspect foul play, however, the investigation is on-going.death investigation

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