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Oroville Spillway Update 2/14

Authorities announced Monday evening that evacuees would not be permitted to return to their homes until both spillways were fixed and the elevated threat of flooding was extinguished.
No time table was attached to this news but one can only assume that this process will not be completed anytime soon as the next major storm is expected to hit the area in under 48 hours.

Something to keep your eye on is whether this storm will be warm, like the one that just hit the area, which will cause for a much quicker runoff into the Oroville Reservoir. This will increase the chances of a maximum capacity or even over capacity status, which is when flooding becomes a very realistic possibility.

As of 7:30a.m. the water level was at 889 feet and being released at 100,000c.f.s. This leaves 37 more feet until the D.W.R. reaches it’s goal of 50 feet before the next storm.

Crews worked through the night and continue the process today of adding rock to areas of erosion in hopes of stabilizing weak points. Crews have been using helicopters as well as trucks to help with this process. Authorities suspended all air traffic over the dam to allow these helicopters easy access to erosion sites. Drones are included in the air traffic suspension. update-image

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