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DWR Opens Bids For Oroville Spillway Repair

The Department of Water Resources (DWR) opened bids submitted by three contractors to repair the Oroville spillway. The bids are for work to implement DWR’s Oroville spillway recovery plan so a system is in place by November 1, 2017 that can safely accommodate next winter’s weather.

The bids were reviewed by DWR for accuracy and completeness over the weekend. DWR expects to award the work as soon as this week.

The contractors, their state and their bid amounts are as follows:

• Kiewit Infrastructure West Co. (CA): $275,443,850
• Barnard Ames JV (MT): $276,965,690
• Oroville Dam Constructors (CA): $344,129,100

DWR’s engineer’s estimate of $220,100,000 for the work was also released.

A notice to begin work will be issued within days of awarding the contract. The bids will not be made public, as they contain design information that is considered “critical energy/electric infrastructure information” by federal regulators and could cause a security risk if released.

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