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Local Students Learn How To Make “The Right Choice” With Drugs and Alcohol

The Placer County Sheriff’s Office and the Loomis Union School District are working together to make sure students always make “The Right Choice” when it comes to drugs and alcohol.

The Right Choice is a drug prevention, education and awareness program for 7th and 8th grade students. It is a highly respected program and operational across the United States. Program personnel include law enforcement, court officials, school district representatives, trauma doctors, fire department, school counselors, role players, parents, students, and volunteers.

This prevention program educates student participants on the full scope and consequences of prescription drug abuse. The program also offers the students skills to resist substance abuse and gives them tools to make the right choice. There will be more than 600 students from several schools participating.

There are eight stations that take the students through the identity of illegal drugs and the consequences associated with use. There will also be four presentations hosted by the Placer County Sheriff’s Special Enforcement Team, K-9 team, Air Operations (helicopter) team, and the search and rescue team. The eight stations will introduce the students to the juvenile legal system, the juvenile court process, the juvenile detention process and drug counseling, and the potential for tragedy. Each class from their respective schools will proceed together through the stations accompanied by their teachers, counselors and school representatives.
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