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The Meddlers Report: 4/18/2017

This week’s Meddlers report is focused on the low stress environment that seemed to be flowing through the Rose Room in Auburn City Hall this morning. Placer County Supervisor, Jennifer Montgomery, began this morning’s activities by telling the crowd that there will be no board meeting today. The Supervisors typically meet after the Meddlers meeting every other Tuesday. Montgomery explained that their meetings will pick back up next Tuesday.

The supervisor wanted the crowd to be aware that April 26th is “denim day” and told everyone the importance of that day as well as why it exists. Montgomery briefly told the story of a European girl who was raped and while the town’s police chief was being interviewed about the case he told reporters, “she was wearing denim so what do you expect.”

The mayor took the microphone next and first told the crowd about his nice and relaxing Easter Sunday. Much to everyone’s surprise, Auburn Mayor Matt Spokely, explained exactly how large his family is. Apparently, Spokely has a grandfather that has 75 grandchildren, which drew a few “wows” and “what’s” from the crowd.

Spokely also asked a question to the crowd, “how many of you know that Auburn has a baseball team of college players who are looking to play their way into the majors?” If you read KAHI.com yesterday, you would know that I was the first one in the room to reach for the ceiling as KAHI Radio will be the official broadcast station for the Lincoln Potters who are competitors for the Auburn Wildcats.

Surprisingly, only a few of us in the room knew about the baseball league, but it seemed to garner quite a bit of interest from those at this morning’s meeting. The Potters and the Wildcats are going to play each other and Spokely will be throwing out the first pitch for the game. Spokely’s big moment on the mound will take place on June 15th at 7:05pm inside the newly renovated Mcbean Park. Spokely said with a big smile on his face, that he will need to start practicing to make sure he is able to make it past home plate when his time comes to toss the ball.

The Meddlers is a meeting that is sponsored by the Auburn Chamber of Commerce and takes place every Tuesday in the Rose Room inside Auburn City Hall.

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