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Placer County Improves Permit Sign Off Process

A new agreement with Placer County and the Lahontan Regional Water Quality Control Board, allows the county to sign off on grading permits for residents of eastern Placer County that previously required a trip to water board offices in South Lake Tahoe.

The agreement offers a simpler, more efficient permitting process for applicants by allowing the county to review and permit small construction projects that disturb less an acre of land. Previously, those projects required applicants to file directly with the water board.

This new service applies to projects in the eastern portion of the county, but not those in the Lake Tahoe Basin. Approval for residential projects in the basin that need Tahoe Regional Planning Agency signoff can also be done by the county at its offices at 775 North Lake Blvd. in Tahoe City.

The new water board agreement will apply to most residential projects, and a majority of commercial projects, in the Truckee River watershed. Any projects that may disturb surface waters or wetlands, or are within the 100-year floodplain of the Truckee River or its tributaries, still need an exemption from the water board.

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