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Fire Investigation Briefly Blocks High Street Traffic This Morning

Midway through the final hour of the KAHI Morning News Show this Monday morning, a consistent blaring of sirens accompanied the occasional firetruck rolling past KAHI Studios located at the Auburn State Theatre building in downtown Auburn. The KAHI News team immediately put in phone calls to both local fire and police departments and were told that there is possibly a fire at the Audio Editions building located just one block away from our location at 985 Lincoln Way.

A KAHI News team member drove to the Audio Editions building and was able to snap a few photos of the fireman in action as they attempted to enter the building through the roof access door. At the same time, police officers blocked off street access surrounding the building on High Street for safety concerns.

KAHI spoke with Audio Editions owner Kirby Desha who said that he noticed a smell when he entered the building this morning that caused him to dial emergency services in fear that a disaster was just around the corner. Desha described the burning smell as that of one having to do with electronics rather than a typical wood burning fire. After about twenty minutes it was determined that no flames were present and that the building was safe to enter. Thus, allowing for blocked morning traffic to once again flow on the always busy High Street.

The investigation into the cause of the alarming smell is ongoing and KAHI will bring you that update as soon as it is released.

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