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Flyers Energy Sells 39 NorCal Stores To Texas Refinary Giant

Auburn based company, Flyers Energy, has sold it’s 39 c store Northern California locations to San Antonio based company Andeavor Corporation.

Andeavor recently changed its name from Tesoro has been in what is being described as a “spending spree” by numerous business journals as the Texas refining company has made two other large purchases in recent weeks that expanded their reach South of the border in Mexico.

Andeavor signed a storage and transportation deal with Mexico’s national oil company Petroleos Mexicanos. Days later, it announced a supply deal with Tijuana-based Professional Fuels Solutions SA de CV to sell its ARCO brand of gasoline and diesel in the Mexican states of Baja California and Sonora.

The spending spree got started back in November when the then Tesora acquired Western Refining for $5.8 billion.

On the local front the switch from local ownership to big business corporate ownership should not effect Auburn or Placer County as far as tax income numbers are concerned. Flyers Energy has been a leader in taxable money flow for Placer County for years and with many short comings with regards to the recent budget report that was released a month ago, a large sigh of relief was made following this news. Local roadway repair funds as well as city and county pension funds are well below what is considered “adequate,” therefor it was essential for both that the local ramifications of this deal were minimal.

Andeavor is planning on rebranding most of the local Flyers stations that it recently acquired to either Exxon, Mobile, Shell or ARCO.

KAHI News reached out to Flyers Wednesday morning for comment and is waiting for their response and will bring you Flyers statement as soon as it is received along with any other developments from this story.

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