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Lawsuits Begin To Roll In Against PCSO

Lawsuits are stacking up for Placer County Sheriff’s Office ten weeks after Placer County Sheriff, Devon Bell, made the emotional announcement regarding the arrests of Sergeant Megan Yaws, Deputy Robert Madden and Probation Officer Jeffrey Villueneva. Bell then told the media about his discovery of three of his officers using unnecessary force against at least six inmates as well as cover ups at the Auburn Main Jail.

One of those inmates who allegedly was mistreated is Beau Bangert and details have been released regarding his recently filed lawsuit against the Placer County Sheriff’s Department. Bangert’s case was filed Friday in federal court in Sacramento by civil rights attorney Mark Merin, who is seeking class-action status to represent hundreds of former and current inmates who may have been victimized.

The suit says Madden was “the primary aggressor” and that Yaws and a third unnamed officer helped by restraining Bangert and failing to intervene.

Bangert was then handcuffed and placed in a restraint chair without receiving medical treatment, the suit says, and video and audio recordings of the incident were altered.

The lawsuit claims that “abuse of inmates has been occurring at the Auburn Mail Jail and reported long before May 2017,” and it alleges that the department had a policy of using unreasonable force against inmates and a practice of covering up such incidents.

The lawsuit also notes that claims of “inaccuracies and discrepancies in recordings” made at the jail had been reported to officials as early as December 2016, but that Bell took no action until May 2017.

The three accused officers have since all pleaded not guilty and have declined to speak about their cases.

Sheriff Bell and the PCSO declined comment regarding the Bangert case.

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