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A Day on Scott’s Flat Lake

Scott’s Flat Lake is a beautiful gem in Nevada County. Each year the Gold Country Yacht Club, NID and Mountain Recreation put on No Motor Day on the lake. Boats are not to use motors, only sails and paddles for the day. The public is invited to enjoy the lake with free sail boat rides, and free kayak and paddle board use for a day. Boy Scout Troop #4 from Grass Valley sells hamburgers and a good time is had by all. I took my family to the lake Sunday and we enjoyed a beautiful No Motor Day on Scott’s Flat Lake. You can see a photo album of the day on my Mary West Facebook Page.


The “Memphis Belle”

I had the honor of sharing a bit of history with those that lived it, flying in the B-17 used in the filming of the movie Memphis Belle. Several Veterans turned out including Aubrey Matthews one of the Tuskegee Airmen. You can see a YouTube video of the fun at the link below. You can also have your own flight by scheduling a flight at

Excited to fly in a bit of WWII History

I was invited to fly in the restored WWII B-17 “Flying Fortress” used in the movie “Memphis Belle”. The bomber will take to the skies over Sacramento on Monday April, 22nd with Public flights & ground tours available April 27-28)Sixty eight years ago these aircraft flew from bases far from home in an attempt to bring freedom to oppressed peoples. Our B-17 mission for today is to educate the people of America about the courageous WWII veterans, and remember those brave aircrew who never made it home. “Memphis Belle” is a living museum, our heritage not in mothballs or the pages of a dusty book, but real life, three dimensions, here and now. You are invited to come touch the past and fly through ageless skies.

The Liberty Foundations 2013 Salute to Veterans tour will be arriving in Sacramento at the Mather Field Airport ( Atlantic Aviation FBO, 10510 Suprtfortress Ave) on Monday April 22nd, 2013 at Noon for media opportunities. On display will be the famous Boeing B-17 “Memphis Belle” On its first ever west coast tour celebrating the 70th anniversary of the Memphis Belle’s historic last mission.

As our B-17 flies around town this weekend, its famous silhouette and unique sound will draw a great deal of attention. It is only through the news coverage and reporting from our media patrons that allow people to know where to come out to see and experience this ultimate history lesson. It is only through your efforts and the public’s support that we can continue to keep the B-17 on tour and from being permanently silenced to sit in a museum.

B-17MemphisBelle #1

Every 15-minutes Program at Colfax High School

Thank you to Auburn CHP Officer David Martinez for inviting me to the Every 15-minutes program at Colfax High School Thursday morning.

Every 15-minutes someone dies in a car crash due to drunk driving.  Too often these are teenagers. This is why the California Highway Patrol hosts “every 15-minutes” programs at an area high schools with the help of students, school staff, community donations, grants, EMS, law enforcement and fire first responders, an accident scene is set up on a football field to show students what happens when teens drink and drive.

Not only are victims removed bloodied from cars using the Jaws of Life but the drunk driver is given a sobriety test and arrested. The victim that dies due to injuries is taken away by a funeral home. Does seeing such a demonstration make students think about drinking and driving?    On day 2- parents of the students selected to die in the crash come to the school and read letters to their children who have died. A speaker who has lost a child due to drunk driving speaks of their story of having to lose a child due to drunk driving.

You can see a photo album of the days events onColfax High Every 15 minutes 051 our KAHI facebook page.