Managed Property Using Low Intensity Fire

You heard on AM950 KAHI the news of Cal-Fire increasing staffing to peak levels nearly 2-months early this year, You also saw the report from the department of water resources that our snow pack is 17% of normal. With this bad news we also reported the intentionally set fire in the Shirlin Tract area of the American River Canyon on Tuesday. Fires are already taking their toll on fire departments up and down the state.

With this in mind I spent 2-days this week with Cal-Fire learning how they not only fight fire but how they manage our lands to prevent devastating fires such as the Robbers Fire above Iowa Hill last July.

In a series of reports I will share what I have learned. I would like to begin with a project taking place on Mount Howell in Placer County near Colfax. Placer, Cal-Fire’s Yuba, Nevada Battalion Chief Chris Paulson  took me on a field trip to see what a properly managed property looks like using what the Chief calls low intensity fire.

In future videos I will share the dangers of the pretty yellow flowered plant that is everywhere right now, Scotch Broom. Its a gas can in a wild fire and if you have it on your property kill it now before it kills you.

Chief Paulson also took me out to King’s Point on the site of the Robber’s Fire. It is devastating to see the damage a hot out of control fire can do. The Chief also showed me the work to rehabilitate the area and the fire and how the land is coming back, but it will never be the same again.

I also spent a day with the Cal-Fire inmate cres training in the hills around Cool for what is shaping up to be a dangerous fire season.

The theme that each of the Cal-Fire personnel I spoke with for these reports shared with me, is manage your property, reduce vegetation, eradicate Scotch Broom and other invasive species that choke out our water and land and all the native plants that used to thrive here. Allow the rain water a chance to make it to streams, rivers and lakes for drinking water. I hope you enjoy the video.

Robbers Fire 031

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