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Mayor Commendation to Dave Rosenthal

Mayor Kevin Hanley presented a special commendation to long time KAHI Radio air personality Dave Rosenthal. Rosenthal and his wife Traja were invited to the podium to receive the acknowledgment complete with 7 where as clauses. Rosenthal said he would not attend for less than 5 such clauses, owing to a sense of humor that has entertained Auburnites for more than 16 years.
Auburn left the airwaves at AM 950 as the voice of the foothills to take a position with the State of California.
I miss you Dave


Driving the new police car

Ford Motor Company let me drive one of their new Ford Interceptor Police Cars. A brand new Ford Interceptor rolled into Auburn Tuesday. Randy Freiburger, Ford police and ambulance fleet supervisor drove the car out from Detroit Michigan to show Auburn Police Officers and other departments up and down the state who are  considering replacing the popular Crown Victoria with the new Interceptors. Randy walked me through a few of the new technological advances that put officer safety first.Officer Almeida from the Auburn Police Department took a look under the hood.Auburn Police Department expects to get their sedan and SUV models this winter.You can see a YouTube video to learn more about the high tech gadget to keep officer safe at the link below.


Adventure Auburn

Adventure Auburn was the event to be at today, Saturday September 7 20-13. The Auburn Chamber of Commerce in Cooperation with the Auburn State Recreation Area and other agencies came together to put on a day of fun outdoor activities highlighting the Confluence of the American River in Auburn California. The Main attraction was the Base Jumping demonstration where 17 experienced base jumpers were allowed to jump from the 731 foot Foresthill Bridge.

Another crowd favorite was the Great American River Duck Derby with a grand prize of $1000.

Other events included organized hikes, mountain bike rides, rock climbing, nature walks, fishing and more.

I had a blast seeing friends and enjoying my favorite park, the ASRA. You can see a YouTube video of some of the highlights at the address below.


A Day at the CHP Academy

What a day! I got up before dawn, drove for an hour to get yelled at, taught to march and march in double-time to a gym where I was yelled at while doing calisthenics, then I jogged to a track to jog to an obstacle course. I completed the obstacle course and jogged back to the gym. I then went to weaponless defense training where I learned to safely disarm an attacker. At the firing range I shot 10 rounds through a Smith and Wesson 40 caliber hand gun. I got to sit down in a classroom where I learned how to see the signs of alcohol intoxication on the human eyeball. Then I had lunch in a cafeteria before I walked a quarter mile to the scene of a car wreck where I had to take a report and took inventory of vehicles before they were towed. Then I learned how to drive a car in extremely wet and slippery conditions. I watched a ceremony where 40 CHP Cadets honored Officers who have died in the line of duty by polishing brass plaques dedicated to the officers in the middle of the CHP Academy campus quad. I ended my day by interviewing a young cadet about why on earth he would want to learn 42 different disciplines for 27 weeks to become a California Highway Patrol Officer. He said he wanted to help people. THE CHP is recruiting for the next class of cadets. CHP Officers nominated members of the media to get a glimpse behind the scenes of the academy. I hurt in ways that I will only fully appreciate tomorrow morning when all the bruises are made known to me. Check out the YouTube video here :