Adventure Auburn

Adventure Auburn was the event to be at today, Saturday September 7 20-13. The Auburn Chamber of Commerce in Cooperation with the Auburn State Recreation Area and other agencies came together to put on a day of fun outdoor activities highlighting the Confluence of the American River in Auburn California. The Main attraction was the Base Jumping demonstration where 17 experienced base jumpers were allowed to jump from the 731 foot Foresthill Bridge.

Another crowd favorite was the Great American River Duck Derby with a grand prize of $1000.

Other events included organized hikes, mountain bike rides, rock climbing, nature walks, fishing and more.

I had a blast seeing friends and enjoying my favorite park, the ASRA. You can see a YouTube video of some of the highlights at the address below.


3 thoughts on “Adventure Auburn

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  2. Harry Parker

    Thanks for all the smiles. Great video on the action at Adventure Day. It’s really nice to be cast in such a different light. We can only hope we showed ourselves as just another part of the community and adventure seekers that Auburn attracts and the positive ramifications we bring to Auburn as a group. So nice to meet all the officials and other sportsmen of the area. Simple a great time in the foothills and the town of Auburn. Thanks for the great press!


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