Col. Clarence “Bud” Anderson Statue Fundraiser

The Col. Bud Anderson Statue was unveiled by the Colonel himself along with artist Doug Van Howd during the fundraiser and tribute to the World War II Flying Ace Thursday Evening at the Doug Van Howd Studio in Auburn. 

The 92-year old fighter pilot, spoke of his adopted home of Auburn and his appreciation of the outpouring of admiration and respect from the city who has dedicated a street in the local hero’s name and the Colonel said of this latest honor of a life size bronze statue “I am overwhelmed”.

Col. Clarence “Bud” Anderson is a triple ace meaning he’s shot down 16 and a quarter planes.

Artist Doug Van Howd friend to the Colonel  says there is much work to do.The statue’s estimated cost is $100,000 and still needs help with funding. To help, get in touch with the Auburn Aviation Association or the Van Howd studio.

You can see the YouTube video from the evening’s events at this address:


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