How do you feel about gun control? Got a great discussion tonight with Senior D.A. from Los Angeles. My read is this. I have a weapon in my home, and no one is going to take it away from me, but I do have a big question. Why do we need high capacity ammo clips on assault weapons? Seems like there is only once use for them. I mean they don’t let us have a rocket or a tank in my backyard that actually works either. I just hate when I see the cops out gunned by the bad guys too! I hate control, but why do you think the two sides can’t come up with a compromise? Sounds like politicians, doesn’t it?


  1. Raymon

    of course like your web site but you have to test the spelling on several of your posts.

    A number of them are rife with spelling issues and I to find it very bothersome to inform the reality nevertheless I’ll definitely come again again.

  2. Nomyar

    @Raymon – If you really hate to point out spelling errors, do what your parents should have taught you to do: If you were doing something self-embarassing while we were in public together, I would whisper in your ear, not yell it out. Send an email, don’t be an ass.

    @Mary Jane – Love you, but don’t be too sure you won’t have your gun taken away. I’ve had one stolen from me before.

    As for assault rifles and high capacity mags, my assertion is that only fully automatic long guns are assault rifles. The others are imitations to placate us.

    Did you know that in Switzerland, fully automatic weapons were sold by the military to the citizenry until 2001? Yet they haven’t had a mass shooting in almost 15 years, even though they have the highest gun ownership rate per capita in the world?

    The problem isn’t just about ownership of weapons. It is about ownership of responsibility, which is sadly lacking in many aspects of American culture.

  3. David

    From 2013 and it’s still an issue. You’ve included several different points of view in your comments. I’ll enter my take. It’s not about a tank or rocket and in fact not sure why you would include comments like that. It’s about the wrong people having access to weapons. Guns of all sorts. Hunting, shooting or target practice. Gun control is in place to inhibit the wrong person having access to guns. Wrong people as in mentally challenged or criminals for examples. It’s been said over and over, guns kill people. People do. One item needed is stricter laws imposed with those who use guns in a crime. Get tough. Really tough. Make it hurt. It’s not the device that’s at fault. It’s the person. Why can’t people come together on this issue? Because they want control. Control over your lives. Unless it happens to them they you won’t see unity. You’ll keep seeing people wanting control. Bleeding heart libs and over zealous right wings. I’m on the right. Just not that far. Thanks for the outlet.


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