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How do you feel about gun control? Got a great discussion tonight with Senior D.A. from Los Angeles. My read is this. I have a weapon in my home, and no one is going to take it away from me, but I do have a big question. Why do we need high capacity ammo clips on assault weapons? Seems like there is only once use for them. I mean they don’t let us have a rocket or a tank in my backyard that actually works either. I just hate when I see the cops out gunned by the bad guys too! I hate control, but why do you think the two sides can’t come up with a compromise? Sounds like politicians, doesn’t it?


What are your favorite movies? Seen any you like lately that you can share? I’m always on the prowl for some good entertainment, but hate to go to a movie and be utterly disappointed! Would love some suggestions.


We hear the numbers of kids committing suicide is growing. Why do you think this is happening? Could it be the internet bullying that is going on, or are we just becoming a softer society that can’t take it anymore? Let’s hear your read on bullying and internet involvement.


Is the ACLU erasing faith from the public square? I spoke with Dr Jerome Corsi about how bit by bit,  from pictures and invocations nativity scenes prayers in schools more is being removed. The question is what has happened to our first amendment rights? But then there is freedom of religion and freedom from religion too. It’s a question that has been debated and will continue to be debated for some time to come. What do you think? Here’s your opportunity to chime in on what you think should be done. I want to hear from you.


What a question, but when I spoke with Dr. Donese Worden, she told me that indeed superbugs are destroying us. How? They mutate, that’s how. I always knew the cockroach would outlive humanity. I mean they can come through a nuclear blast. Last time I checked I don’t think any human made it. Same thing with viruses and bacteria. They mutate. That is the reason we now have some diseases that cannot be treated with antibiotics. Mutation and overuse of antibiotics have weakened them to the point that certain diseases will not respond. According to Dr. Worden, we need to get back to basics like proper nutrition, exercise, sleep etc. Sounds simple, but can we do it, or have we become so accustomed to ‘take a pill’ for everything. Seems like the word responsibility enters the picture, and we have to take charge of our bodies, minds and lives starting now!!! What do you think? Love to hear your thoughts.