Auburn Police May Have A Lawsuit Coming From East Area Rapist Victim!

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By BStigers on October 3, 2018.

Forty-one years to the day since the East Area Rapist broke into his house, tied him up, and raped his girlfriend, Victor Hayes is now speaking out in an exclusive interview with CBS13. On Oct. 1, 1977, Hayes was in his home near the river, when he woke to a flashlight shining in his face. He was tied up, his girlfriend taken into another room for 30 minutes and raped.  Hayes decided to speak out on the same day, 41 years later to mark the horrific attack and to bring attention to his case. He believes EAR suspect and former Auburn police officer Joseph DeAngelo was on duty the night of his attack.  Hayes says he remembers the pants the East Area Rapist was wearing the night of his attack. He believes it was DeAngelo’s on-duty uniform. Auburn police wore light blue uniforms in the 1970s. Hayes says he believes DeAngelo used training and resources in his position with the Auburn police to carry out the crime against him. He’s considering suing. “They’re partially responsible for him,” Hayes said. “They’re derelict of duty in his supervision. ”  Hayes also says investigators with the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department have not talked to him since their initial interview the night of the attack, 41 years ago.

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