Elderly Roseville Couple Homeless After Standoff!

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By BStigers on February 2, 2019.

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An elderly Roseville Couple have become homeless following a police standoff at their home involving their son earlier this week.  Bronson Kelly, a 44-year-old that was on probation for weapons violation, was visited by Roseville Police and Sacramento Sheriff’s Probation officers earlier this week. Kelly barricaded himself inside the home which resulted in a police standoff that lasted 10 hours. During the standoff, police used several tactics — including tear gas — to get 44-year-old Bronson Kelly out of the house. The tear gas lingers in the air, the windows are busted and there is a massive hole in the ceiling. Ida Kelly said that her home has been destroyed and she and her husband in their 70’s and 80’s are homeless and are sleeping in their car outside the home. Police officials say they have an obligation to protect the citizens of Roseville. The Kelly’s hope their insurance will cover the damages and they can return to their home soon.