11-year-old Placerville Boy Found Dead-called suspicious!

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By BStigers on January 15, 2020.

The 11-year-old Placerville boy, Roman Anthony Lopez, who was reported missing from his home on Saturday and found dead Sunday is still under investigation. The Placerville police department has released the statement that there is no public safety threat in that community as a result of this incident. Authorities said they are continuing the investigation and appreciated everyone’s patience as they sort through the details that surround the boy’s death. The Mountain Democrat Newspaper is reporting that Placerville police and El Dorado County Sheriff’s crime scene investigators were parked outside a church at the corner of Coloma and Bee streets Sunday, observed taking equipment from a specialty van around 1:30 p.m. The actual potential crime scene appeared to be 2892 Coloma St., where yellow crime scene tape roped off a house and at least two vehicles, keeping people away. The two vehicles, both pickup trucks including a 4-wheel drive white Chevy with an Indiana license plate of A425538, had their doors opened wide and yellow flags marking potential evidence were studded inside the interior passenger compartment. The second truck, silver in color, bore a plate out of Michigan, DXH 3123. The vehicles behind the yellow tape appear to be owned by out of state workers registered as Journeymen-linemen associated with the IBEW Electrical Workers Union 876 registered at 5000 East Airport Road in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan. FOX 40 is reporting that 7 children have been removed from the house and are in protective custody.