PG&E Outage Management Maybe Getting Better?

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By BStigers on November 20, 2019.

The expected power black out for the area, as was originally notified early this week made a major change in direction yesterday as the windstorm that was forecast arrived in a different form from what was forecast. PG&E issued a statement at 12:18 p.m. due to improving weather conditions, 83,000 customers originally expected to lose power for safety are no longer part of this Public Safety Power Shutoff. Power will NOT be shut off in: El Dorado, Nevada, Placer, Sierra, Yuba and western Sonoma County.

A KAHI COMMENT: This decision and its timing tells us that the weather officials at PG&E and the Operations management at the utility has learned from the first 4 power outages that there needed to be a more exacting approach to these blackouts. The information needed was at the basic level of weather, winds, wind speeds wind changes, and an hour by hour examination. A massive shutdown is a technique used in several industries that brings everything to their knees, causes a ZERO BASE condition, and a painful rebuild back to a basic normal, then an analysis of what is wrong, what is not needed, what is needed, and how to improve going forward. It is painful but it works, and supersedes the forces that fight this like unions, politicians and inconvenienced customers. We are dealing with a 30 to 40-year condition that has finally peaked out and failed, and only a drastic focusing will ever correct it. I believe we have just passed through that twilight zone and are on the path of finally managing the response and procedural need to cope with the future. END OF KAHI COMMENT!