Accused Golden State Killer Will Be Back In Court Tomorrow

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By BStigers on May 30, 2018.

Golden State Killer

The Golden State Killer appeared in court again yesterday.A The Defense asked the court to rule on the amount of information that will be released to the press in the case of Joseph James DeAngelo, the 72 year old man being held in the Sacramento County Jail after being arrested in April and charged with at least 4 murders dating back to the 1970as and 80as. DeAngelo is also suspected of being the same person that put Northern California into fear as over 50 rapes were reported. The Court Appointed Public Defender requested the court to limit information being released to the public. Major press organizations are asking for access to the initial warrants that led to the discovery and then arrest of DeAngelo.A Judge Michael Sweet ask lawyers to return on Thursday at 1:30 for further hearing on the matter. The judge on Tuesday said the potential release of redacted versions of warrants in the Golden State Killer case hinge on further discussion and deliberation of the defendant’s right to a fair trial, victims’ privacy and public information interests. Joseph James DeAngelo stood handcuffed in a cell in a courtroom at the Sacramento jail during a hearing Tuesday, composed and looking stoically forward, as lawyers hashed out the issues behind unsealing the arrest and search warrants, comprising more than 100 pages.