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By BStigers on October 11, 2018.

California Secretary of State Alex Padilla announced yesterday that he may freeze the state’s Motor Voter program attempting to get tens of thousands voter registration error made by the DMV under control. California launched the Motor Voter program on April 23, which automatically registers and pre-registers eligible voters when they go into a DMV office to complete a driver’s license, state ID or address change transaction. The DMV reported last month that it made 23,000 voter registration errors resulting from technicians toggling between multiple screens and having registration information improperly merged. In May, the Los Angeles Times reported that a software error affected 77,000 voter records generated at the DMV. The DMV is being audited by the California Department of Finance under orders of the Gov. after complaints about delays at all DMV offices throughout the state have become excessive.  Election officials said yesterday they are not sure if anyone actually voted in the June Primary that were illegal or not eligible to vote and were in the DMV group now classified as a mistake.  DMV said that a computer glitch caused the problem.  Assemblyman Kevin Kiley said this morning that he was again pushing for a state official audit of the DMV.

STANTON, CA., JANUARY 2, 2015: Hundreds of people without legal status line-up inside the Department : News Photo