California v.s. Washington, D.C.

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By BStigers on November 5, 2019.

President Trump Sunday Tweeter-attacked the top political powers in California, specifically Gov. Newsom and US Congressman Adam Schiff for mismanagement of the forests and mismanagement of water distribution policies as the cause of major wildfire damage in California. The California politicians quickly responded with anger saying that the recent wildfires were not in forests but were in grasslands and chaparral, which is tangled shrubs and thorny bushes far from forest land. They also pointed out that of the 33 million acres of forest, 57% is controlled by the federal government.

KAHI COMMENT: So, the tit for tat verbal fight continues between California politicians and the President. Most of California residents are getting tired of the “Food Fight” between politicians at all levels because it appears to be the “Nero fiddled while Rome Burned” scenario is at all state and federal political levels, trying to pass the “blame” to the other guy, while California burns and fire insurance is impossible to get or at best unaffordable. Upcoming is the 2020 election year, and it should be the year of accountability. It is time we select politicians that have a record of honesty and belief they are hired by the people to represent us and our needs, not their personal agendas. What has happened here? This is not the way it used to be! Think about it! END OF KAHI COMMENT!