City Council To Look At loitering ordinances TONIGHT!

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By BStigers on September 25, 2018.

Auburn City Council till examine encampments and loitering ordinances and whether they should be tightened with new rules. Interim public safety officer Victor Pecoraro will present the current rules in a discussion that starts at 6 PM, There are no time limits for the discussion by the city officials. One amendment would allow the city’s camping ordinance to prohibit overnight camping on private residential property except by friends or family of the property owner, as long as the owner consents and the overnight camping is limited to no more than three consecutive nights. The amended camping ordinance would also require, if requested by a city code enforcement officer or police officer, a camper to provide written proof within 48 hours of a request that the property owner has consented to the overnight camping. The ordinance changes also would add a city-wide prohibition on loitering, with loitering defined as any time a person enters and remains on public or private property “in such a way that a reasonable person would conclude that the person has no legitimate purpose connected with the business or activity of the legal occupant of the premises and has no intent to exercise a constitutional right.” Many cities in California are examining these rules following a Sept 5th ruling of a three judge panel of the United States court of appeals for the 9th circuit in San Francisco stating that banning sleeping or camping in public places violates the constitution if there is no shelter space available.


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