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By BStigers on May 20, 2023.

Reprint from Auburn Journal:

Despite bad weather and red tape delays, the Loomis Costco construction remains on schedule for an early fall opening on Sierra College Boulevard.

After tree removal in April on the 17-acre lot at Brace Road, Loomis town officials recently issued a grading permit for preliminary ground work around the proposed 155,000 square-foot Costco building.

“They’re still moving forward as quickly as possible. They want to hit the holiday season sales and they’re doing everything they can to get there,” said Loomis Town Manager Sean Rabe at the May 9 Town Council meeting.

A final back-check to Costcoas plan is under review, and approval of the on-site storm drain grading and right-of-way frontage improvements should be issued this week or next, said Loomis town engineer Merrill Buck.

To help mitigate the potential for flooding, state law requires stormwater storage “metered out” no greater than historical 10-year storms.

“When you go from fields to a parking lot, thereas a lot more runoff water that needs to be stored as the field is no longer absorbing the water,” Buck explained.

Work will include widening Sierra College Boulevard within the town limits for additional right-turn lanes and a new signalized intersection on the stretch between Brace Road and Granite Drive.

Buck said in early May that right-of-way frontage work is still “several months out” from starting, as PG&E undergrounding work will first have to be completed.

“PG&E has been great to work with as we coordinate with Costco and should have their contractor starting the underground work by June,” Buck said.

Since 2018, the town of Loomis and city of Rocklin have legally sparred toward an agreement on the new Costco on the border between the two communities.

Costco bought the 17 acres on the southeast corner of Sierra College Boulevard and Brace Road in Loomis for $4.75-million in 2019.

Approved by the Loomis Town Council in 2020, the two jurisdictions finally struck a deal last fall, minus a 24-pump Costco gas station and tire center. Costco agreed to pay Rocklin $3.75 million for traffic impacts.

Loomis is expected to collect $1.2-million in annual sales tax revenue from the new store, making Costco one of the largest sales tax sources in the townas history.

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