EPA Hearing on New Fuel Station in Shingle Springs!

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By BStigers on July 20, 2018.

A public hearing was held last week in Shingle Springs on a new fuel station that has been built on highway 50 at Shingle Springs Drive. A The station includes two underground storage tanks for gasoline, one underground storage tank for diesel, three gasoline dispensers, three gasoline/diesel dispensers, one diesel dispenser for heavy-duty trucks and a 324-horsepower diesel-fired emergency generator. The purpose of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) sponsored hearing was to take additional comments on the permit and draft Environmental Impact Report (EIR) for the project. A Several speakers spoke in favor of the station including the Chamber of Commerce. Also speaking were some local residents who believe the station, because of the diesel pumps, will contribute to air pollution and fear any spills could pollute the local water wells. There also was a mention that because the Miwok Indian tribe owns the station, they will use out of state fuel which would be below California strict standards.

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