Homeless Shelter Management Change Concerns

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By BStigers on June 15, 2018.

CBS 13 is carrying a story this morning about the change of management at the North Auburn Homeless Shelter. Placer County awarded the shelteras contract to a new vendor, but before the old operators move out, theyare cleaning house and taking items they say are theirs. But, some community members are questioning whatas being taken, claiming some items should stay put. Volunteers of America currently runs the shelter, but itas moving out and taking almost everything inside with it. Betsy Bender is a community volunteer who says some of the items inside the shelter were donated or bought with money donated by the Auburn community that should stay in the community. Bender is quoted saying: aaI think itas unethical and for a nonprofit organization to do that, I think itas terrible, removing those things is going to impact the homeless.a A Leo McFarland, president and CEO of Volunteers of America Northern California and Northern Nevada Chapter is quoted: aIam not taking away anything that was donated to the shelter. Iam only taking what I brought in.aA McFarland wouldnat allow cameras inside the shelter but pointed out the items that would be leaving, including mattresses, refrigerators, storage lockers, and coffee pots. Heas says everything inside the shelter is being removed, except for the county-owned bunk beds and washers and dryers that were already on site, as well as clothes and blankets that have been donated. Placer County officials say the transition will be smooth and residents, close to 100, will have all the things they will need.