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By BStigers on March 24, 2020. No Comments

Jobless Claims in the state have been spiking since the first announcements of “Shelter in place” were issued in the state in six bay counties on March 16th. The Week prior, ending on the 14th, the number jumped from 43,400 to 58,200. Filing online is your best bet. It’s available practically 24/7. Limited phone service is also an option, but the wait times can be discouraging. Your employer must have contributed to the unemployment insurance program. Gig workers could still be eligible through a prior job, since benefits are based on 12-18 months of your earnings. You’ll have to wait a minimum of two to three weeks for your first check. It is recommended to request being paid by an issued debit car which speeds up the $$ if paid by check. Prior to the COVID-19 Virus hit, California was at 4.3% unemployment rate, Placer County was 3.3%.

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