Tip A Cop

I had such a great time and great food at Max’s in Auburn today. Placer County Sheriff’s Deputoes, CHP Officers and Auburn Police Officers were waiting tables to raise funds for the local chapter of Special Olympics. Thank you to everyone who came out for lunch and gave an extra big tip for this great cause and thank you to the officers for being such good sports and having fun in the process. You can see a short video of the fun at the link below.


Nevada County Fair 2013

The Nevada County Fair Continues this weekend. Excitement and fun for Fair-goers of all ages. Enjoy live entertainment, delicious food, carnival rides, animals, and exhibits – in a community-friendly environment and at affordable family prices! I took my son on Scholar day Wednesday. I put together a few of the site’s and sounds of the fair on YouTube.

We had such a good time, we plan on going back on Sunday.

NC Fair 2013 058

City Looks for Homeless Shelter Site

The city of Auburn hosted a bus tour around the city to search for potential homeless shelter locations.

The Auburn City council is currently considering zoning and site alternatives as it considers code amendments necessary to comply with State requirements for the zoning of emergency homeless shelters.

In order to be better understand appropriate options within the city, the Auburn City Council conducted a bus tour of the City Monday evening  July 29th.

This is a short video of a few of the tour’s highlights.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lh4DywWbB7c&feature=share&list=UU0xP08B7kqe8rSqtWw3U50w

The topic of Homeless shelter zoning will be back on the council’s agenda August 12th.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lh4DywWbB7c&feature=share&list=UU0xP08B7kqe8rSqtWw3U50w

Bus Tour with Auburn City 050

Housing the Homeless in Auburn

I appreciate the Auburn City Council’s conflict with designating a place for a potential future site for a homeless shelter to be built should anyone want to build one with 20-beds in the city limits. I do not understand why people turn a blind eye to what is already here. The homeless are here and they are in your back yard. Wouldn’t it be better to offer our homeless a place to go that has services and food for the night rather than pretending they don’t exist and leave them in the city’s many homeless camps? I appreciate the council taking a drive to look at the streets to see where a shelter could be built that won’t offend anyone but maybe the council members should take a look behind the neat and nice Auburn neighborhoods and see where the invisible homeless are living, drinking, smoking, and having camp fires. Maybe they will realize that having a shelter will protect the homeless and the residents from the effects of homelessness in Auburn. I doubt that will happen so I made a little video of my recent trek to homeless camps in the City of Auburn with Auburn Police Officer Blanco. http://youtu.be/pW0PlwU8jfg

Homeless in Auburn 056

Volunteering with Canyon Keepers

Spent Saturday as a Canyon Keeper Volunteer with Rangers from the Auburn State Recreation Area. We met at Upper Lake Clementine to offer the Junior Ranger program to kids and adults alike, enjoying the water on a hot day. We had a group of a dozen or more who gathered to learn about some of the trees we all depend on and enjoy in the canyon.


Mary’s Blood Donation

The Auburn Blood Source office has put out a call to donors stating that Blood Source has been asked to send blood products to San Francisco to help the victims of the plane crash.  Blood Source always serves our local hospitals first but share with other areas when possible.  Leslie Botos with Blood Source says thanks to your donations local offices are able to help.

If you have never donated before Botos wants you to know it’s quick and easy and you get a snack when you are done.

The Boeing 777 plane crashed while landing at San Francisco International Airport on Saturday, killing at least two people. At least 181 people were transported to area hospitals, 49 with serious injuries.

San Francisco General said early Sunday morning that the hospital had received 53 patients, including at least 26 children. KAHI News Director Mary West donated blood platelets on Wednesday. You can see a video at this address http://youtu.be/tqu2PjKlgIk


The Finish of the Western States 100-Mile Endurance Run June 29, 2013

Congratulations to Tim Olson from Ashland Oregon on another first place win in the Western States 100-Mile Endurance Run, covering the 100.2 mile distance from Squaw Valley to Auburn with a time of 15 hours and 17-minutes. 

KAHI’s Mary West caught up with Olson at the finish line Saturday evening on the track at Placer High School. Olson shared his thoughts on running the historic course founded by Meadow Vista resident Gordan Ainsleigh  

Ainsleigh who has finished the race 22 times in 40 years, dropped from the race shortly before mid-night after running 62 miles.

An Awards ceremony for top finishers was held at the Placer High school track on Sunday.

Olson, age 29, ran a race for the ages last year, shaving more than 20 minutes off Geoff Roes’ 2010 course record with a run of 14 hours and 46 minutes.You can see a video of the finish here: http://youtu.be/gVuDj_jly5g


Leadership Auburn Class of 2013

Thank you Don Ales of Leadership Auburn Class of 2013 for inviting me out for the placement of the new sign at the High Street Entrance of the Gold Country Fairgrounds. I put together a little YouTube video to mark the historic occasion. http://youtu.be/zLD4-5GCEYo