NID Discussing Take Over Of PG&E Transmission In Their Area!

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By BStigers on November 5, 2019. No Comments

The Nevada Irrigation District meet last week and discussed the possibility of taking over the PG&E distribution system in their district. This is just one discussion of many that are talking place throughout the state by frustrated power users that are disgusted at the management and execution of the four power outages that hit customers during the month of October. The number of people affected exceed 2 million, each time. The loss to small and business in general is projected to be in the millions, maybe billions. This frustration has sparked many agencies to examine potential solutions to what the PG&E CEO says will take 10 years. The breaking apart the PG&E companies and provide more smaller power companies under local control has sparked many using the SMUD and Roseville Electric models as examples of success.

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