Placer County Supervisor Speaks Out To Gov!

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By BStigers on May 9, 2020.

Sacramento-area counties hoping to reopen restaurants, offices and shopping malls in the next week ran into what amounted to a sorry, not yet from the governor on Thursday, angering some local officials, leaving others preaching patience and prompting one Placer County official to threaten to take the state to court. Placer Supervisor Kirk Uhler appeared with KAHI this morning outlining his program to move forward legally against the Gov.

Gov. Gavin Newsom has said he is willing to let some counties reopen certain businesses sooner than the state. But, based on much-anticipated standards Newsom revealed during a mid-day press conference, none of the six Sacramento-region counties appears to qualify yet. Although most have low corona-virus infection rates and few hospitalizations compared to the state average, none appears to have enough staffers trained in the critical role of coronavirus “contact tracing” to qualify for early opening. He didn’t state how this data was collected from the County Health Services which should be investigated.