Placer Sups Will Approve Ending Emergency!

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By BStigers on June 26, 2020.

The Placer County Supervisors Tuesday approved a resolution amendment to rescind the delegation of authority to end the local health Covid-19 emergency by the county health office to the Supervisors.  In other words, under the Health and Safety Code, Section 101080, and the governor’s emergency proclamation, authorizes transfer of the legal authority, to the Board of Supervisors, to make the decision to terminate the local health emergency declared by the county health officials due to COVID-19. The amendment does not remove, but limits, Health Officer Dr. Aimee Sisson’s authority, as she would still be authorized to make recommendations to the board and to make another proclamation if warranted by the pandemic. The amendment to the resolution also does not terminate the local health emergency authority, and it will remain in effect until the board receives a declaration of termination and deems termination is necessary. The recent executive order by Gov. Newsom on the “wear face covering” and the continuing “Stay at home” order by the Gov. is still unclear as who is in charge? Gov. Newsom this week made it clear that any county in the state that does not follow his executive orders will be subject to major funding withheld punishment until the counties comply. This is a perfect example of how political power has the over all reign of your and my daily lifestyle. I honestly believe we are in a tipping point situation of our constitutional strength both at the local, state, and federal level.