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By BStigers on August 10, 2022.

Unions and Sutter health are again in a hassle over a software decision Sutter has made to change a software program that calculates nurses payroll and issues pay checks to thousands of nurses in the state, that are incorrect. This has caused the nurses and the unions that represent them to be agitated because for three or more months they are not getting proper compensation in spendable cash in regular paychecks and there does not seem to be a demonstratable management and software company result in correcting the issue. Sutter officials report the normal answers to fixing the problem but the company hired by Sutter to handle this issue must deliver a solution to fixing a direct money issue to several thousand persons that depend to have their the paychecks right and on time. Sutter officials released a statement that read: “This significant technical upgrade is complex and has resulted in some payroll-related disruptions. We are making every effort to resolve outstanding compensation and payroll issues. We regret any impact this has had on our team members. “ The California Department of Industrial Relations said workers have the right to file a wage claim when their employers do not pay them the wages or benefits they are owed. That claim starts the process to collect on those unpaid wages or benefits. The claims can be filed online, by email, mail or in person with the Labor Commissioner’s Office. History proves that this type of transistion in Computer Operations is a project engineering challenge, and failure to provide correct pay checks even once, is a management failure and needs to have backup systems to protect people that have earned compensation based on performance and make it a priority.


Sixteen-year-old Placer County Teen. Kiely Rodni has been classified as a missing person and Placer county sheriffs have said this is a possible abduction of the teem sine after last Friday she has been missing, her car is missing, and her Cell Phone is not working since she disappeared Friday Night in Truckee. All official agencies are engaged in trying to locate the teen with a full press investigation into the disappearance. FBI and other police agencies are joining the search effort in Truckee.


The Sacramento City Council will hold a special meeting today to consider withdrawing or amending a November ballot measure that would require the city to provide more shelter homeless people. The move, first reported by The Sacramento Bee on Aug. 3, was confirmed when the city posted the notice for the special meeting Monday evening, about 24 hours before the scheduled meeting. As written, the measure would require the city to open about 1,100 new shelter beds or spaces, and empower officials to clear more encampments. Under the proposed amendment, if voters approve the measure Nov. 8, it would only go into effect if the county signs a legally-binding document that “memorializes the respective roles of the city and county to improve the homelessness crisis,” the staff report said. The agreement would include the county’s responsibilities to provide mental health and substance use services to homeless individuals who need them. It would also include the county’s responsibilities to refer individuals to housing, medical, employment, social services, drug rehabilitation, child welfare and domestic violence services. This week is the deadline to place a measure on the November ballot. The Board of Supervisors agendas do not include an item to do so.


On Friday, four males stole over $1,900 worth of merchandise from retail stores in Roseville.

According to the Facebook post, the men first entered a retail store in the 1100 block of Galleria Boulevard and stole over $950 worth of merchandise. They then left the store and approximately 20 minutes later entered a sporting goods store in the 6000 block of Stanford Ranch Road where they again stole over $950 in merchandise.

The Roseville Police Department got a partial plate of the suspect’s vehicle along with a description of it. An officer spotted the vehicle on westbound I-80 and conducted a felony stop.


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