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By BStigers on May 11, 2022.

KAHI RADIO AM 950 is operating at a reduced power affective late yesterday afternoon. Regular listners to our signal, particularly in the daylight hours may see a difference in the strength of our coverage while engineering activity is performed on AM signal only. The KAHI FM signal 104.5 and the streaming signal at KAHI.COM is normal. The estimated time our AM 950 power will be restored is not predictable at this time.


The Nevada County Sheriffas Office is searching for a man identified as, 49-year-old Allyn Charpentier, who allegedly kidnapped a woman at gunpoint from a store in the county on Sunday. The sheriffas office received several reports Sunday at noon of an active shooter at Country Store on Tyler Foote Crossing Road in North San Juan. As authorities on their way received more 911 calls reporting a kidnapping. Authorities said the victim was found safe not long after, but the sheriffas office is still looking for the suspect. According to the sheriffas office, bystanders said a woman had been taken from the store at gunpoint and forced into a car. The sheriffas office said that they learned the victim escaped awithin a few minutesa and was found at the Waste Management transfer station in Washington and was ataken to safety at a nearby residence.a 

The victim reportedly declined medication attention and appeared to be OK. 

Deputies said she was able to escape from Charpentier, who eventually abandoned the vehicle. In the car, deputies found guns they suspect were used in the kidnapping. The sheriffas office said the suspect and the victim had previously been dating.

Authorities are now searching for Charpentier, who they say has several aties throughout Nevada County.a Charpentier should be considered armed and dangerous and anyone who sees him should call 911.


Marijuana lounges could be coming to Sacramento as city leaders are set to hear details of a plan allowing dispensaries to open spots for people to sit and smoke.

The idea is legal in California but not in Sacramento. New state law allows customers to smoke, vaporize, and consume cannabis products in designated spaces.

A meeting is scheduled to look at several things related to cannabis, and thereas a belief that cannabis lounges will significantly alter the industryas landscape. There are restrictions on these lounges in California. They include an age requirement, and no alcohol or tobacco can be sold inside of them.

The City of Sacramentoas Law and Legislative Committee has already held a few workshops related to cannabis topics. The committee will meet again today.

A KAHI COMMENT: If smoking lounges are approved, then how do they become different than bars, and then how do DUI factors come into play. If lounges are allowed, then how do patrons leave the lounges and not have potential of being arrested and charged with DUI charges that can cost several thousand dollars, cause driver license record points, and maybe fines and loss of licenses to drive vehicles in the state for a period. Is there any positive factor to these lounges other than lounging and smoking with availability of a safe drug product.

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