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By BStigers on April 28, 2022.

The Auburn Police Department along with other police agencies throughout the state are holding a “collect all drugs and Substance” program throw away this Saturday. Police departments have created a competition among each other to see who can collect the most volume out of their respective cities. Drop-off locations accept prescription and over-the-counter drugs, controlled substances, and veterinary medications. Vaping devices will also be collected with batteries removed. Collection locations in Auburn include the police department at City Hall, 1225 Lincoln Way, and the Placer County Sheriff’s Office at the Justice Center, 2929 Richardson Drive, in North Auburn. Auburn Police Department Volunteer Paul Kessler said the department collects on average 500-700 pounds of pills during the free event, which is scheduled from 10 a.m.-2 p.m. again this Saturday.

This year, Auburn plans to take the effort on the road and visit retirement centers ahead of the event. Going to the community to collect these items is difficult, Kessler said, because the effort requires a police escort due to the sensitivity of the materials being collected. After the drugs are collected, they are put into boxes and taken (via police escort) to the Sacramento Drug Enforcement Administration, where they will be incinerated, plastic bottles and everything. Pills and or liquids do not need to be removed from the original bottles. Unacceptable items include sharps, lancets, medical waste, illicit drugs, cannabis products, aerosols, and hydrogen peroxide. Additional locations include Loomis (Del Oro High School, 3301 Taylor Road), Lincoln (Lincoln Police Department, 770 7th Street), Rocklin (Rocklin Police Department, 4040 Rocklin Road and 2001 Wildcat Blvd.), Roseville (Oakmont High School, 1710 Cirby Way; Roseville High School, 1 Tiger Way; and Sun City – Roseville, 7050 Del Web Road) and Truckee (Gateway Shopping Center, 11290 Donner Pass Road.)


The City of Lincoln is experiencing an internal issue that involves one of the Elected Lincoln City Council members and a local businessman and an incident involving the two men on Monday night at another event when a confrontation between the two men occurred and was recorded on a stream event. This event boiled over to the Tuesday night Lincoln City Council meeting when several people including the Mayor of Lincoln ask for the councilman, identified as William Lauritsen, to resign his position as councilman, which he refused. The issue was legally identified as a closed session required discussion which was held after the meeting, and results have not been issued as of this morning. This incident is another example of the political pressure that is being exhibited throughout the state, county and locally, following a period of isolation, health issue unrest with the pandemic, and emotions that are over heating as change is occurring at the districting, unrest with local and statewide decisions that are all to often done under secrete political maneuvers we have not seen in decades.    

KAHI COMMENT: The political climate at all levels of government, Unions, professional groups like teachers, nurses, contract skilled labor, voters, political parties, interested people, and others are all challenging authority, agreements, contracts and protocol with the passing of the pandemic, and pent up frustrations when parties are not happy with past agreements forced to acceptance due to the times, or other agendas that only appear when opportunity presents an opportunity to pressure change that here-to-for was not available.

Like it or not, this is the American Way, and history shows us this is a normal adjustment that occurs when it must, because things, as they are now, are not working, and the traditional processes are not moving fast enough. Our system of representative government demands patience, planning, commitment, acceptance, support, money, and procedure to change, and if you read all constitutional documents at all levels of government, change is deliberately forced to be slow and deliberate to avoid dictatorship government.


Placer County Water Agency (PCWA) is launching a new outreach effort to encourage proper tree watering as California enters a third year of serious drought and PCWA asks customers to reduce water by 20 percent.

The outreach campaign features Colfax High School’s newly formed “Bucket Band” to raise awareness that a 5-gallon bucket is a great way to water young trees. The 12-member band, which was drawn from students in the high school’s music program, performs an original composition in the video as PCWA’s Linda Higgins demonstrates the “Bucket Method” for watering trees.

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