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By Website on November 28, 2017.

Auburn Mayor Matt Spokely kicked off this morning’s meeting with a surprise announcement that he will be running for another term. Spokely explained that he will be running based off three positive changes that he said have taken place during his time as mayor. First, he said that Auburn is spending more money on local roads that he can ever remember since he began following Auburn politics. Second, Spokely mentioned all the work the city has done with the homeless population over the last year and last he spoke about his relationship with the lady sitting next to him, Placer County Supervisor Jennifer Montgomery. Auburn’s Mayor explained that their friendship is just one of many examples of improved relations between the city of Auburn and the county that houses it, Placer.

Spokely also took a moment to mention local cigarette picker-upper Sally who told the crowd she recently picked up her 944,000 cigarette butt up here in Auburn. Sally even was generous enough to offer up a look into her log that documents each butt that she has cleaned up off the grounds here in Auburn.

Next, Supervisor Montgomery began her speech with an announcement as the Mayor did. Harriet White will be having a portion of Bell road renamed in her honor. Harriet is a retired district three supervisor and someone Montgomery says often gives her advice and “tells me when I do something stupid.” There will be a special ceremony this Saturday commemorating the dedication as well as all that Harriet has done for the area.

A lengthy conversation was spurred based on an editorial piece that was written recently in the Auburn Journal. The topic was sexual harassment and many took turns in the room discussing their opinion on what is and isn’t sexual harassment as well as how the times have certainly changed in regards to how we can interact with each other. Many described the current state of affairs as “sad.”

There was no speaker at today’s meeting and there was no real explanation as to why. I did want to mention and give a great big thank you to mayor Spokely and former councilman Keith Nesbitt for their mention of KAHI Radio’s recent discovery of a more than $2,000 bill from the CIF for the rights to broadcast the Placer Hillman football game/games. The Hillman advanced last Saturday to the division IV regional round and if they are victorious there they advance to their final destination which would be the state championship round. Both games require a broadcasting rights fee and the above mentioned gentleman were very kind and gracious in allowing for some Meddlers time to let everyone know about this community event.