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By Website on November 14, 2017.

At this morning meddlers meeting, Tom Kirk, Vice President & Chief Operations Officer at Brehm Communications took the floor first to give a bit of a ‘pep talk’ to the crowd with regards to the newspaper that Kirk’s company owns; the Auburn Journal. It was essentially the verbal version of the announcement that was made in the journal last week. Kirk explained that they have talented writers and that they are listening to their critics by creating a new focus on local news rather than national news.

A crowd member asked the question regarding the journal’s staff and whether or not the five day publication reduction per week will result in the termination of employees who currently work there. Kirk quickly extinguished that fire by saying he does not anticipate any jobs being lost even though they will only be producing newspapers on Thursday and Sunday beginning in December. However, Kirk did relay quickly during his speech wrap up that this move just so happened to coincide with the already planned retirement of a handful of journal employees.

Next up was Placer County Supervisor, Jenifer Montgomery, who briefly went over the agenda at today’s supervisor meeting. Nothing Earth shattering, just a few contracts that she and other SUPE’s will be awarding local construction companies for upcoming county projects. Montgomery summed up the report best by concluding her speech with, “nothing particularly exciting.”

Auburn Mayor Matt Spokely made sure to follow the common theme of nothing particularly exciting as he began his speech in a similar manor to all of his meddlers speeches by telling the crowd everything in the city is, “perfect.” Spokely then made a announcement about the success of Saturday’s Veteran’s Day Parade, although no mention was made of the fabulous announcer from the event.

Spokely did make an announcement that the city was switching banks as he jokingly said the previous bank that they used was making way too many headlines over the last year (Wells Fargo) so they decided to switch to U.S. Bank. The mayor explained the reason why the city did not go with a local bank was that of the six proposals that the City of Auburn received, none were from local banks, even after the council extended the search in hopes a local proposal would arise.

Of course it wouldn’t be a City of Auburn speech without an update on some decision made that displayed the cities lack of approval for anything cannabis related by speaking briefly about an attempt that the council shut down in regards to the legalization of local dispensaries.