State Add Many More To Eligible Status!

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By BStigers on March 16, 2021.

Update on who the state considers eligible for the Covid-19 vaccine.  California is making more essential workers, as well as homeless residents and those living in congregate setting such as prisons, eligible to receive the coronavirus vaccine.

The state has further defined who is working in the emergency services sector, explicitly allowing utility and social workers to be eligible for the vaccine. Public transit workers, such as bus drivers and those working in airports, are also now eligible. Those who live or work in a “high risk congregate residential setting” are also eligible to receive the vaccine. Those settings include prisons, immigrant detention facilities, homeless shelters or behavioral health facilities, CDPH said in the bulletin.

Those who are experiencing homelessness, who may transition into congregate settings at short notice, are also eligible for the vaccine. Effective today, the state opens vaccine eligibility to ages 16 to 64. There is still concern that supplies are not keeping up with the demand. President Biden is saying all adults should be eligible for the shots by May 1st.