Three Arrested in Newcastle Home Invasion

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By Website on March 5, 2018.

Three people who committed a home invasion robbery in Newcastle early Thursday morning were all arrested within less than a day by Placer County Sheriffas deputies and detectives.

30-year old Derrick Michael Thomas, 44-year-old Lukas Mathew and 28-year-old Amanda Robertsen were booked at the Placer County Jail on charges including home invasion robbery, kidnapping, conspiracy, assault with a firearm, and auto theft.

Around 4:30am on Thursday, Thomas and Mathew cut the power to a Newcastle home, then entered the occupied residence through a side garage door. Wearing masks and carrying a gun, they entered the bedroom of the male resident and held him at gunpoint. They pretended to be law enforcement officers, and said they had a warrant for the manas arrest. The suspects gathered firearms and cash, and left. Thomas stole the victimas vehicle.

Bail for Thomas is set at $2.15 million, Mathewas bail is set at $2.3 million, and Robertsenas is set at $200,000.