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By BStigers on July 15, 2022.

The Auburn Police Department is adding a new technology tied to its 911 calls, to boost response times and officer safety and efficiencies. This makes Auburn Police the 11th department in California to implement the technical boost to support daily services. Live911 provides the ability for first responders in the field and support personnel to monitor the location and audio of incoming 911 calls. Lt. Tucker Huey said Auburn PD currently utilizes a single-dispatch system where the dispatcher takes the 911 call and pauses the conversation to communicate with the officer. Huey said dispatchers sometimes can miss “subtle cues” because they don’t have the same geographic expertise some beat officers have. The dispatcher can see on their end if an officer is listening in on the call, which allows them more time to talk with the reporting party. The new technology costs the city $1,380 (one time) for installation and training and has an annual reoccurring cost of $6,000 a year. Huey said it is worked into the department’s annual base budget.


This Saturday, Placer County will be holding a Dump Day in Roseville as part of their Clean California Initiative. Caltrans District 3 in California will be holding free monthly Dump Days throughout 11 counties for the rest of the year. The Dump Day events are organized by Caltrans to try and keep California highways clean from trash.

This Saturday, the first Dump Day will be occurring in Roseville from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m., or until capacity is reached, at the Roseville Maintenance Station at 1000 Atlantic Street. Caltrans will have staff there to accept household waste and other trash at no charge.

Caltrans will accept general household waste and garbage like metal, plastic, fiberglass, fabric, glass, untreated wood, as well as landscape trimmings. E-waste, up to four from each vehicle, such as televisions, computer monitors, VCRs, CD/DVD players, stereo equipment, and microwaves will also be accepted, along with other household appliances.

Tires can also be dropped off, up to six per vehicle. Concrete such as dirt, rocks, asphalt, sand, brick, or construction materials can also be dropped off along with mattresses box springs, and futons.

Treated wood, asbestos, compressed gas, and hazardous waste of any type including paint, batteries, oils, acids, aerosol cans, household chemicals, corrosive, or hazardous waste will not be accepted at the event. While this is the first Dump Day for District 3, there are plans to have five more throughout the year for all the counties in the district.


A federal jury found Antonio Deshawn Long-Andrews guilty of trafficking a woman for over a year, even  times while he was inside the Sacramento County Jail, according to the U.S. Department of Justice.

From August 2017 to early December 2018, Long forced the victim to do sex work. The DOJ didn’t say how old she was but described her as a young woman. 

Court documents revealed she was beaten, threatened, and forced to do the work while Long profited. According to the DOJ, Long had her do sex work throughout California, including in Sacramento, Oakland and San Jose.  Long was found guilty of sex trafficking by force, fraud, or coercion after a six-day trial. He will be sentenced on Oct. 18. 


Sacramento is on the list of the worst cities in America when it comes to drivers, according to a study from Quote Wizard. Sacramento is ranked No. 2 on the list, beating other California cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco and San Diego. 

Sacramento’s overall ranking, is due to multiple factors, including the city being in the top 10 when it comes to accidents, DUIs, and citations. In 2021, Sacramento was in the seventh position for worst drivers. Sacramento is No. 6 in accidents, No. 2 in DUIs, No. 11 in speeding and No. 7 in citations, according to the study. 

Bakersfield tops the worst overall drivers list while Los Angeles was No. 4, San Francisco No. 5 and San Diego No. 6. Other Californian cities that made the top list include Fresno (No. 7), Riverside (No. 8) and Richmond (No. 9). 


Just after midnight on July 10th, a Placer County Sheriff’s deputy attempted to conduct a welfare check of a male inside his vehicle along Iowa Hill Road. The male drove off as soon as the deputy walked up to his vehicle to make contact, leading the deputy on a pursuit. During the pursuit, the suspect drove recklessly and, on several occasions, drove into the opposite lane of traffic. A responding deputy deployed a spike strip along southbound Placer Hills Road and successfully disabled the suspect vehicle after the 30-minute pursuit. The suspect, identified as 56-year-old Curtis Stayner of Galt, was initially uncooperative and resisted deputies before he was arrested. Deputies searched Stayner’s vehicle and found open containers of alcohol and drug paraphernalia. Stayner was arrested for evading a peace officer, obstructing a peace officer, driving under the influence, possession of drug paraphernalia, and possession of an open container.


Placer County Sheriff’s dispatch center has received several calls recently from citizens inquiring about whether they were contacted by a scammer, or if the call they received was legitimate. They reported a man called them and identified himself as part of the Placer County Sheriff’s Office, then told them he has a “very urgent matter.” It is unclear what the caller was requesting from citizens, and the employee he was impersonating is a retired member of the Placer County Sheriff’s Office. Additionally, callers reported he pronounced “Placer” as “Playcer.” Remember no law enforcement agency including PCSO would ask for any sensitive information by phone or demand any form of payment in lieu of an arrest, warrant, etc. The sheriff’s office does not give courtesy calls before making arrests and you cannot get out of an arrest by making a payment. As a rule of thumb, remember it is ok to hang up and research the contact information of the company/agency the caller is reporting to be from to verify their identity and their request. It saved a few of our callers from being scammed, and we are grateful they took the time to call us and verify the call they received.


The Sacramento County Board of Supervisors approved another site Tuesday to help get homeless people off city streets. The site at 7001 East Parkway will soon provide shelter for people experiencing homelessness who have been reluctant. This latest community that was approved will be built in the parking lot of the Health and Human Services building in Sacramento County. Although many people say they don’t like to go to large shelters, the Stay Safe communities are tiny homes. County officials said there is a lot of unused space in the area to build the cabins. 00The Board of Supervisors had previously approved a Stay Safe site in June that is set to go up near Florin and Power Inn roads that would house 125 people. The East Parkway site will feature 34 single-occupancy cabins and 11 cabins for couples. Officials said the site will have showers, restrooms, and laundry service. Pets are also welcome. Supervisor Patrick Kennedy said people experiencing homelessness are already living in this specific neighborhood, so having a safe space like this will clean up the area. “From the drug dealing that is going on openly in the streets, from people living in their cars. It’s right in front of where this is going to be. The violent crimes, the vandalism, the district council 16 building, they support this by the way, nearly burnt down because people constantly light things on fire here,” Kennedy said. Emily Halcon, Sacramento County Homeless Initiatives Director, said tiny homes for homeless people benefit everyone because they take people in unsanctioned encampments and move them to a safe space. Officials said this is not a permanent solution to the homelessness crisis, but they call it a good start. Tiny homes take about four weeks to assemble. County officials have not announced a move-in date for the unhoused in Sacramento County.

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