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By BStigers on October 5, 2022.

CA Gasoline prices today $6.41 USA $3.81.

The Auburn City Council announced they have accepted the resignation of City Manager John Donlevy effective Jan 1, 2023. The joint release stated Donlevy has decided to spend more time with family and increase his charitable and service ventures in Auburn and around the world. John will stay through the transition to a new city manager.


Gasoline prices are soaring to record levels again this past week and weekend in California. In one week, California saw a 58-cent per gallon hike on average for regular gas, ranking No. 1 in the nation’s top 10 largest weekly price increases, according to the American Automobile Association. The record is $6.43 on June 14.  Monday’s prices for a gallon of regular averaged $6.38. The rest of the country is enjoying less that four dollars a gallon. Officials say 6 gasoline Refinery’s in the west are down for mandatory or scheduled maintenance which is creating a crunch at gas available to service the California drivers. With the upcoming elections in November, Newsom appears to be comfortable with California Voters who overwhelmingly support him at the ballot box and believe he has navigated California through the pandemic, economy challenges, gas prices, and even homelessness which the Jury is still out because of the chaos that exists throughout the state on homeless status.


Californians will soon be able to jaywalk without getting a ticket from the police if it’s safe to do so. The change comes after Governor Gavin Newsom signed AB 2147 into law. It defines when an officer can stop and cite a pedestrian for jaywalking. Assemblymember Phil Ting wrote the bill. He said police disproportionately ticket low-income and people of color for jaywalking. In 2017, a white officer accused Nandi Cain Jr., a Black man, of jaywalking in Sacramento’s Del Paso Heights neighborhood. Video showed police beating Cain, resulting in a $550,000 settlement with the city. AB 2147 marked the second time Assemblymember Ting attempted to decriminalize jaywalking in California. Now, with Newsom’s signature, the law will go into effect on Jan. 1, 2023.   


The city of Sacramento is trying to safely expand their growing nightlife and entertainment by appointing a new “nighttime economy manager.” With several years of experience, Tina Lee-Vogt was tapped for the new role. Lee-Vogt acts as the single point of contact for the nighttime economy. The announcement comes at the heels of the 6-month anniversary of the K Street shooting where six people lost their lives.  In the last six months, there have also been three different deadly shootings that have rocked the downtown and midtown business areas.  With Sacramento adding a night manager, 21 U.S. cities have similar programs including New York, Atlanta and Washington D.C.  Some places have seen success. In New York, for example, they have free mediation for conflict between businesses and neighbors with 80% of issues resolved.