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By BStigers on September 20, 2022.

The historic PG&E building at 1050 High Street, has been placed on the market and is listed for sale. The 6,700 square building, built in 1929 at a cost of 50 thousand dollars was home of PG&E’s Drum Division and sits on land that was originally owned by the Baptist Church before it moved to its location on E. Placer Street. The PG&E office closed in 2021 and been vacant most of the period since. The property is in a perfect zone and can accommodate retail to food service plus there is space on the upper levels that could become apartments. The sale is unique since no price has been listed and the listing agent says they are accepting bids.


As of last evening, the Mosquito Fire is holding at 76,290 acres across Placer and El Dorado Counties and remains at 39% containment. 78 structures destroyed, and 13 structures damaged because of the fire. Repopulation efforts are ongoing as fire officials determine when it is safe for residents to return home. As officials continue to monitor fire conditions and repopulate areas previously under an evacuation order, and lifted new zones to evacuation warning and have opened additional zones for repopulation.

Zones Lifted to an Evacuation Warning:

* Zone 1B – Michigan Bluff: Michigan Bluff Rd, Gorman Ranch Rd, Chicken Hawk Rd, Ridge View Rd; north of Chicken Hawk Rd to Foresthill Rd…

* Zone 2 – Baker Ranch MHP

* Zone 3B – Crystal View Rd, Bath Rd

* Zone 4B – Downtown Foresthill: Foresthill Rd from Idlewild Rd to Bath Rd, Baltimore Mine Rd, Powerline Rd, Timberland Rd, Sluice Box Ln, Mosquito Ridge Rd west of Soap St.

* Zone 5 – Black Oak Ridge Rd, Blackhawk Ln, Ebbert Ranch Rd, Old Ebberts Ranch Rd

* Zone 6 – Finning Mill Rd to Sugar Pine Rd to Elliot Ranch Rd to Foresthill Rd, Big Reservoir Rd, Giant Gap Rd, Hollow Log Rd, Prospect Rd, NF-10

* Zone 7A – Patent Rd

Zones Now Open – No Restrictions:

* Zone 7B – Todd Valley: East of McKeon-Ponderosa, west of Jarvis Rd, south of Foresthill Rd, north of the canyon rim of the Middle Fork of the American River

* Zone 8 – Skyview Terrace MHP

* Zone 9 – East of Spring Garden Rd/Foresthill Rd intersection, west of Idlewild Rd, south of Spring Garden Rd, north of Foresthill Rd to Yankee Jims Rd

* Zone 10 – East of the North Fork of the American River, west of Spring Garden Rd, south of Yankee Jims Rd, north of Ponderosa Way

* Zone 11A – East of the North Fork of the American River, west of Sugar Pine Reservoir, south of Big Dipper Rd, north of Yankee Jims Rd

The following zones are still under an Evacuation Order:

* Zone 1A – South of Chicken Hawk & Gorman Ranch intersection, south of Chicken Hawk Rd, south of Foresthill Rd from Elliott Ranch Rd to Deadwood Rd

* Zone 3A – Between 3B and the Placer/El Dorado County line

* Zone 4A – Mosquito Ridge Rd east of Soap St

On your computer search engine enter your address into the live map application to view the current status of your zone. https://pcsogis.maps.arcgis.com/…/webappv…/index.html…

As a result of yesterday’s repopulation effort, 2,128 residents can return to 983 homes. As residents return home, officials ask everyone remain aware of their surroundings as public safety personnel continue to work in the area. Areas still under an evacuation order will continue to be patrolled and monitored by deputies and other law enforcement. Anyone can access important information about returning home after the fire at: https://www.placer.ca.gov/8266/Returning-Home

Residents must provide identification upon entrance through the listed traffic control points:

Residents Only —

1. Mosquito Ridge Rd at Foresthill Rd

2. Soap St at Lowe St

3. Michigan Bluff Rd at Chicken Hawk Rd

Road Closures —

4. Foresthill Rd is closed at Elliott Ranch Rd

5. Elliott Ranch Rd/Giant Gap Rd is closed at Iowa Hill Rd

6. Soda Springs Rd is closed at the North Fork of the American River

7. McKinney Rubicon Springs


Yesterday, Governor Newsom signed measures to expand legal cannabis market in California, strengthen cannabis laws, and “re-dress the harms of cannabis prohibition,” a news release reads from the Office of the CA Governor.

To “further unwind California’s failed history of cannabis prohibition,” Newsom signed both Assembly bills 1706 and 2188.

AB 1706 will ensure that Californians with prior cannabis convictions will have the convictions sealed, while AB 2188 will protect Californians from employment discrimination which means those who use cannabis off the clock and away from the workplace can no longer get punished.

Newsom signed Senate Bill 1326, which “creates a process for California to enter into agreements with other states to allow cannabis transactions with entities outside California. The release said that Newsom also signed Senate Bill 1186 which will preempt bans on medical cannabis delivery, which in turn will expand patients’ access to cannabis products.


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