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Mosquito Fire Re-ignites news Forest Hill and New Fire starts 20 miles North at Dutch Flat closing I-80 for a few hours Tuesday night!

The Mosquito Fire activity increased as anticipated Tuesday, particularly on the southeast side near Buckeye Point and the northeast and east sides near Foresthill. The fire remains south of Foresthill Road. However, the twists and turns of the American River near Buckeye Point channeled and swirled the winds in such a way that embers were caught up and carried in the wind across the river and ignited a spot fire. The spot fire grew to approximately 300 acres. Firefighters had planned for such a scenario and have constructed many contingency fire lines to stop the fire’s northward progression and protect the communities of Todd Valley and Foresthill. As of Tuesday evening, the incident management team has received NO reports of spot fires on the north side of Foresthill Road. Clear skies allowed aircraft to fly numerous missions as they assisted ground crews in the firefight. Many areas of the fire did not see any forward progression.


UPDATE: California’s Mosquito Fire erupted amid windy conditions on Tuesday afternoon, and a spot fire crossed the Middle Fork of the American River and made a run toward the Placer County communities of Foresthill and Todd Valley. 

“As of right now, the fire is still contained to the south of Foresthill Road and ridge below Todd Valley,” Landon Haack, Cal Fire operations section chief, said at a Tuesday night town hall. “There’s a pretty significant firefight going on out there. They’re trying hard to hold that fire in that box right there. As of right now, we don’t have any reports of fire on the north side of Foresthill Road.” 

Haack said the area around Volcanoville is “still holding very well.” Cal Fire said that as of 7:30 p.m. the Mosquito Fire is 58,544 acres with 20% containment. 64 structures have been destroyed 10 have been damaged as of Wednesday AM.


Another wildfire now burning 12 miles north of the Mosquito Fire. The Dutch Fire ignited in the Sierra Foothills Tuesday afternoon and closed I-80. As of late Tuesday, some lanes reopened on I 80 and evacuations of residents were cancelled. According to Caltrans District 3, as of 5:48 p.m., Tuesday all lanes on eastbound I-80 are open at Gold Run. Westbound lanes are still closed at the State Route 20 junction. 11 hundred residents are still listed by officials as evacuated from the area with no information when they might be able to return to their homes in the Foresthill area. I-80 is open as of this (Wednesday) morning.  


California’s drought regulators have lost a major lawsuit that could undermine their legal authority to stop farms and cities from pulling water from rivers and streams. With California in its third punishing year of a historic drought, an appeals court ruled Monday that the State Water Resources Control Board lacks the power to interfere with so-called “senior” water rights holders and curtail their diversions of water from rivers. The case stems from orders imposed by the state board in 2015, during the previous drought, when it halted farms and cities throughout the Central Valley from taking water from the Sacramento and San Joaquin rivers.



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